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    Hi! I'm new to this vegan scene and I have a question. I'm worried about getting enough protein. I know nuts are good, but I am deathy allergic to nuts. Any other ways to get protein? ALso, not a fan of tofu....

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    Some good protein sources:
    *Beans (black, great northern, garbanzo, kidney, soy, ect) and lentils
    *If you don't like tofu in one form, you could try it in another (marinated, baked, fried, blended with fruit, in a smoothie)
    *Soy milk (best choice: calcium fortified)
    *Tempeh (it's fermented soy and grains in a chewy block that you can put in place of meat)
    *Meat analogues: burgers, hot dogs, deli slices, veggie "meat crumbles," veggie chick'n
    *TVP/TSP (textured vegetable/soy protein. Buy it dry and you can add it in place of meat in recipes, or search online for TVP recipes)
    *Grains have more protein that you would think, especially whole grains like oats, amarantha, and quinoa
    *A lot of veggies are good sources (a baked potato has about 5 grams, for example)

    Seriously, just about all foods have protein, except fruit, which isn't a good source, and oils, which don't have any. It is said that if you eat enough calories and a varied diet, you'll be able to get enough protein pretty easily.

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    No-one is a fan of tofu until they learn how to cook it properly. Veggiegirl3 has covered eveything though. Protein is the last thing you need to worry about vegan or not. You would probably have to go out of your way to avoid it for your diet to be lacking in it. Ironically it's the one thing most people worry the most about.

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    I really wouldn't worry about getting enough protein, as veggiegirl says it's in pretty much everything.

    The other thing is, how much is the right amount? I believe the current health data says people should be having less protein.

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    There is a vegan food pyramid on this link here. I would try posting it but I think it may be a bit too big. Maybe it would help you out some.

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    Hi Kitty Kat, maybe this thread is interesting for you?

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    great post veggiegirl!

    yes, tofu was really gross to me when i first turned vegan, but now that i know all the amazing things i can make with it (alfredo sauce, chocolate puddings/icing, taco meat, fake bacon, dessert tofu in smoothies) i cant get enough
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