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    I was at a barbeque last night and we discovered a rather tasty BBQ sweet. Apologies if you've done this already, but it was a first for me so I thought I'd share:

    Slice some banana onto a hobnob biscuit and place a square of dark chocolate on top, wrap in tin-foil and place on the barbeque. We found that placing it biscuit side down, to the edge of the BBQ yielded the best results. Best eaten straight from the tinfoil with a teaspoon. Don't attempt to pick it up!!


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    Another good one is choccie bananas. Remove one side of the banana peel and put little slices into the bana flesh. Poke in chocolate squares and add alcohol if you have some. Wrap in tin foil and BBQ until soft. Add cream and gobble!!

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    my neighbor often made chocolate sauce to pour over biscuits when I was a kid......i loved eating over when she made that......i have a vegan version that I make on occasion

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