Article just printed in the Times Standard!

A huge picture of an overflowing handful of Amaranth heads the ariticle, followed by a NuWorld Amaranth employee blending amaranth amaranth cereal. The article focuses on the dramatic increase of whole grain sales in the US within the past year. And although the new guidelines emphasize whole wheat as the main source of whole grain, Americans seem to be realizing the major benefits and wealth of variety in alternative grains, making the market much bigger than it previous dusty-corner-of-a-healthfood-store state. 'NuWorld Amaranth has seen a 300% increase in sales within the past year, while Bob's Red Mill has seen a 25% increase, with quinoa driving the bulk of the growth.'

The article attests the growing awareness of celiac disease and the growing popularity of organic goods, assuming that "As people go into those stores, they can't help but notice those products."

Also, a "crossovermarket of health-conscious shoppers in search of the most nutritious grains" seems to play a part. It brings up a company, ConAgra Mills, which is working on sustagrain, or a type of barley with a 30% fiber content. And although these grains are in short supply, the demand is calling for action.

Five years prior to launching Sara Lee's white wheat bread, ConAgra began contracting with farmers to ensure adequate supply of whole white wheat (aka whole wheat pastry flour). "The same thing could happen for other grains that are easy and inexpensive to grow."

(all this, other than the quotes, has been paraphrased directly from the article. Please don't email me for stealing. I wrote it in this way to include my own informalities)

This article foreshadows progress, for the more whole grains and fiber consumed, the less animal products consumed. I hope to ee more articles like this in the future, and I have a feeling I will.