Hi, I'm doing a zine about halloween and wanted to invite any vegan parents (and or their kids) to contribute. Anyway here's the spiel:
Re-envisioning Halloween as a festival of children's liberation, exploring the social history of dressing up, encouraging critical readings of halloween, horror movies, and horror fiction. These are the topics covered in a forthcoming zine. You are encouraged to contribute.
So obviously a vegan reading of halloween is included in the aformentioned "critical radings" of halloween. Anything from your experiences with halloween (trick or treating, school related stuff etc), recipes, survival sugestions for other parents with vegan kids or suggestions for vegans who are going to hand out trick or treat candy etc. And obviously it doesn't just have to be framed by veganism, and sort of re-interpretation is cool. feel free to email me with any questions:
captainmissionismycopilot [AT] hotmail [dot] com