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Thread: Eating habits/Nurtrition advice!!

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    Default Eating habits/Nurtrition advice!!

    Wasnt really sure what to put in the title but i would love some advice on the things I have been eating. I am worried that maybe I am not eating Healthy enough and should be taking maybe some supplements


    All Bran with Alpro soya milk


    Pitta bread with salad - peppers , mushrooms, lettuce, tomato Humous.

    snacks - bag of mixed nuts and dried cranberries


    Usually something like Rice, Cous Cous, was eating things like LM deep filled pies and cauldron sausages but now not sure if they are vegan

    I know this all sounds healthy but I have over th last few days got a bad cold and sore throat. I was wondering if I need any supplements and maybe include some better foods.

    I am feel very confused. I am not very good at inventing meals etc

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    Default Re: Eating habits/Nurtrition advice!!

    It sounds like you eat pretty healthy, and the only thing I can think of is adding more fruits and veggies to your meals. For instance, for breakfast, eat half of the cereal with soymilk you usually eat and add a couple of pieces of fruit (variety is very important, because different fruits have different, vary the fruit! same goes for veggies!)

    Your lunch seems very healthy, as long as you put a significant amount of veggies in your salad.

    Your snacks are also healthy...nuts are of full of protein, healthy fats, essential fatty acids, and other good stuff (just check the ingredients and be sure that they don't contain any additives, preservatives, dyes, and other nasty chemicals)

    For dinner, I would suggest eating half of the rice/cous cous you now eat and substitute the other half with a big can put different veggies in it and try many different toppings (nuts, salad dressing, seeds, and so on).

    I'm not a nutrition expert, but I hope this helps With a healthy diet, you shouldn't need any vitamin/mineral supplements.
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    Default Re: Eating habits/Nurtrition advice!!


    The deep filled pies are vegan I believe - here'sThe LM thread. Cauldron sausages aren't as they have egg in them, but there are loads of good vegan sausages about

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    Default Re: Eating habits/Nurtrition advice!!

    Thank you both
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