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Thread: Vegan shoes in Vancouver

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    Default Vegan shoes in Vancouver

    Do any Vancouverites know of a local store that sells cool vegan shoes?

    I've seen the vegan selection that MEC has, and I've heard that payless has some... but is there an actual store that sells Vegetarian Shoes, Macbeth, or adbusters shoes?

    I'd love to find something locally and not have to order them on the internet...
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    I live in Vancouver as well and my boyfriend and i have the hardest time finding decent shoes. We found a pair of vegan shoes at SPRING but they fell apart after a week! its easy for me b/c I'm comfortable wearing rain boots everywhere but he refuses!

    If anyone knows of good shoes for men that are waterproof please let me know! (he refuses to wear rain boots) please let me know! I am willing to buy online.

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    You can get vegan shoes in Vancouver at Karmavore Vegan Shop!

    Website is

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    A vegan shoes store in Vancouver area called Nice Shoes. You can also order online.

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