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    Sticky: Re: New vegan? Before you ask questions...

    Thanks Korn for your thoughtfully prepared list for those of us wanting to make the transition to veganism. Also, if I have a question I will first do as you suggested and Google
  2. Re: "Waking Up: Vegetarian to Vegan" (Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati)

    Andy, I feel guilty throwing anything away as food is so expensive now, so I suppose I will eat up what I have now in the freezer - hormone and antibiotic free chicken from "Sprouts," although it...
  3. Re: "Waking Up: Vegetarian to Vegan" (Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati)

    Very similar to what I have been through. Now slowly morphing into a vegan - it was overwhelming for me to do it all at once.
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    Re: The China Study

    After reading this book, I immediately switched off milk - I had already stopped eating red meat - and now serious about learning the vegan lifestyle. If the fear of cancer doesn't turn you off...
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    Re: is a plant-based diet a cure for cancer?

    Am just reading "The China Study" 2006 by Campbell and it cites several studies that point to a low fat (10% or so), high carb, higher vitamin C, 30-35 grams of fiber type diet as being the answer to...
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