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    Re: Vegans in the New Jersey

    I am here Jersey folks! Sorry, I just saw this thread. I don't have much time to cruise the boards. But, my husband and I have been Vegan for a year now. Loving it and all the great produce that...
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    Re: Favorite vegan breakfast? (2)

    I totally love breakfast! Don't know if I could choose just one. Top 5?

    1. Breakfast Burrito with scramble tofu, peppers, onions, and Gimme Lean sausage
    2. Banana Pancakes
    3. Bagel with Toffuti...
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    Re: The Lone Star Steak House

    Haha! That's great. Gotta love the Vegan bumper sticker at a steak house. It's funny Ive only been to Lone Star once or twice a long time ago before I was Vegan, and I got fish both times. And, I've...
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    Re: Earthlings

    I saw this for the first time on Saturday. It was actually suggested to me through my Netflix subscription. My husband and I sat down to watch together. I warned him that I thought it was going to be...
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    Re: Veganomicon - Your Favorite Recipe

    I received this cookbook last year as a birthday gift, and I have yet to make one thing in it!! It scares me. Maybe this thread will get me going too. My fave Vegan cookbook so far is How It All...
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    Re: Food I want to make but can't

    Any type of cheese, I eat Vegan cheese now, but let's face it....It's just not the same!
    Fish and sushi, and above all else a Tunamelt!! I think there is a vegan tuna substitute, but I'm not sure...
  7. Poll: Re: Should euthanasia ever be considered for ailing pets?

    A few years ago my husband and I had to take our cat to the vet because he was very sick. We actually came to own him in a weird way. My grandmother's boss was having a house built and in the mean...
  8. Poll: Re: 'Pets': Which of these statements do you agree with?

    I have never purchased an animal for my own amusement. The only "pet" I've ever had are cats that have been rescued as kittens from people who did not want them. I think people and animals can have...
  9. Re: my thoughts

    Seriously, I couldn't have said it better myself! I just had this convo with two of my omni friends today, and after a long day of pleading my case via email with them, I gave up. It left me drained...
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    Re: My first vegan holiday

    I am actually cooking my first Vegan holiday dinners this year too. But only for my husband and I. We travel to a relatives house for Thanksgiving and X-Mas, and I dont expect there to be any food we...
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    Re: Faux Meat

    I don't mind the faux meats. They are kinda pricey, so I buy them in small amounts. I like mixing up my diet with them, and they provide a good amount of added protein. I normally stick to Vegan...
  12. Re: Sad bride. How to spread the word about a bad business?

    Hi Sparklingsights,

    I am sorry to be reading about this late, and at all! I worked in the wedding industry with brides for over 8 years and I am sad to say that things like this do happen all the...
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    Re: Starbucks Vegan List

    I am so jealous of the options in the UK. I am in the Philadelphia area and live in NJ. There are no good food options in my Starbucks. Boo!

    Yeh, I guess your right, its not really a loop hole,...
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    Re: Starbucks Vegan List

    I love my Starbucks! However there are a few issues. The only food mine has that is Vegan, are the bagels (which I get with Almond Butter) and oatmeal (which is a total ripp off). It's like 4 bucks...
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    Ideas for lunch


    If I eat one more salad for lunch I'm going to scream! Here's my issue,
    I'm on a budget so I pack my lunch.
    It has to travel well and be convenient, someone suggested veggie burgers to me...
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    Re: need partners for healthy weight loss

    Hey guys Im new to this forum and thread. You dont know how happy it makes me to see all of you on here dealing with the same issues that I am. I use the website Sparkpeople daily and love it. It has...
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    Re: 1500 calorie a day diet?

    I also try to stay within 1500-1800 calories a day. I use the site Sparkpeople to track my food and fitness. It works really well for me. Since going Vegan I have noticed that my calorie range can...
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