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  1. Sticky: Re: Using old non-vegan products

    I really like that idea, and I feel like that would be the best option.

    I'd hate for someone to just throw it out, burying it seems respectful at least, but donating it, or selling it and giving...
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    Re: What are some of your favorite unexpected effects of your veganism?

    My mental status has greatly improved.

    My depression and bipolar were horrible. But now I'm more optimistic and feel better in general. I'm sure that it being summer helps as well.

    And my...
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    Re: The Lemonade Diet

    I've done it once and I absolutely loved it.

    The first couple days were hard, but it was well worth it in the end. I felt so much healthier. My body processed food a lot better afterwards, and...
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    Re: weight-loss foods that are cheap and filling

    I feel the same way. I know what I eat isn't very healthy, but refuse to admit it. I'll find one thing I like and eat it like crasy. A lot of refined carbs. I grew up on white bread and hated the...
  5. Sticky: Re: Using old non-vegan products

    I feel that if I had some animal product at my house already, throwing it out wouldn't make a difference. If I had a leather jacket, I'd keep it because I know some poor animal died for it and...
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    Re: Vegans in Tennessee?

    I don't live there, but my fiancee's father lives down in Mountian City and we're going down for a few weeks this summer. I've never been.
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    Re: Which State in the USA?

    I'm in Landenberg, PA.

    It's a little outside Philly, but it's all country out here. We have five acres and a 200 year old farm house. We have four acres of corn growing and the other acre is...
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