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  1. Re: Might sound bonkers... But I'm an adult, and am taller since being vegan!

    Yes, it sure is - in so many ways!
  2. Re: Might sound bonkers... But I'm an adult, and am TALLER since being vegan!

    Actually, it doesn't sound bonkers. I'm taller too! +2 cm at 38 yrs, the nurse who was measuring my hight could not believe her eyes! Finally she jammed the measuring-thingy almost INTO my head,...
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    Re: Feedback for Vegan Store names?

    How about something like Herbivore's Heaven or something including the word Herbivore? For some reason, I find it more funny than vegan, a kind of humorous option. And such a store would truly be a...
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    Re: Allium intolerance :(

    Have you tried asafoetida?

    Seems it can be used instead of alliums, to aquire similar taste. I just bought some, haven't tried it yet.
  5. Re: A sugar free, no fail cake recipe which appeals to non-vegan sugar addicts?

    I don't know about sugar free cakes, but if you want to make a cake that's very well received among omis too, here you go:
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    Re: Starting a garden and need advice!

    You can also use fresh cut grass or dry hay as mulch, just add it to around the plants, use a lot and add several times.
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