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Thread: Boots Flax Seed Oil

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    Question Boots Flax Seed Oil

    I am wondering if anyone knows whether Boots own brand of flax seed oil is vegan? I know that the capsules are non-gelatin, but I'm not sure about the rest. Also, ethically, are Boots a viable company for vegans to buy from?
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    Personally I cannot support Boots after they were proven not only to have their own animal labs but also to have used previously 'pet' dogs as 'test subjects'. They were/are not exactly open about their policies, either.

    Saying that, I do use supermarkets which are also unethical - I just can't forget pictures I have seen associated with Boots animal tests so that's my own line.

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    vertese do a range of suplements for vegatarians and vegans. avalibal from holland and barrett though i've seen them in boots as well.

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