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Thread: Stella McCartney vegan fashion

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    Arrow Stella McCartney vegan fashion

    by Jill Danyelle

    This week we offer some vegan fashion treats from the inimitable Stella McCartney, for those of you who prefer not to wear leather or other animal-derived materials.

    Read more here.

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    Thanks for that Gert. Although I have to agree with this response to the article:

    "Why did Jill Danyelle end her article, “Stella McCartney Vegan Fashion,” with the sentence, “Now, if I could just get that shawl collared tunic sweater in organic wool…”? It undermines the entire piece, dismisses Ms. McCartney’s efforts to provide high fashion with compassion, and casts a shadow of closed-mindedness on Ms. Danyelle.
    What a shame."

    I'm preaching to the choir so I won't add much more, it would just be nice if vegan fashion wasn't always the subject of derision.

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    Just to note: Stella McCartney's fashion line isn't vegan. She just doesn't use leather. She uses wool and even silk in other products. So her faux-leather products are vegan but it's not a vegan brand.

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