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    It is cheaper, fresher, and more fun to make your own nut or grain mylks. first go to a hardware store and buy a paint strainer bag for a dollar. then go home and make some nut mylk for your cereal.

    Hints: only add a cup or so of the water in the recipe when you blend, at first, so that the grains/nuts get really really blended well before you dilute and add the rest of the water. also, add the sweeteners and flavors after filtering out the pulp, because if you add like, agave nectar and then strain the mylk, you're going to strain out some of the agave nectar. does that make sense? damn, i'm high.

    my recipies:

    Almond mylk

    1c almonds soaked overnight
    8(or something)c water

    blend till its a smooth as it can get, then pour the 'smoothie' into your nut milk bag (see above intro) over a large bowl, so that the pulp in your smoothie stays in the bag and only thin drinkable juice falls through the strainer bag. squeeze and move the bag around until you get the liquid all out, then save the almond pulp in the fridge for a cake or something, and put the liquid back in the blender

    add sweetener and salt to taste, blend, store in fridge.

    Rice mylk

    1 cup cooked brown rice (preferably cooked with a piece of kombu or something to help with nutrients and flavor)
    8 or something cups water

    blend, strain through nut mylk (paint strainer bag, remember? see intro.) bag, put back in blender and add vanilla or sweetener or salt or vitamin powder or whatever. store in fridge.

    oat mylk

    1 c rolled oats
    8c water

    blend, strain, put back in blender and sweeten (or not) then store in container in fridge. this milk makes a kick ass coffee addition. and its got loads of calcium and iron

    try mixing them.

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    Default Re: nut and grain mylks

    Wow thats sound cool, I wish I was so organised so I would to try this. I tried almond milk in a carton and it is so lovely much nicer than soya and rice milk IMO.

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