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Thread: Join Team Vegan for Round the Bays (Ak, NZ)

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    Default Join Team Vegan for Round the Bays (Ak, NZ)

    Round the Bays is an annual 8.4 km fun run held in Auckland, New Zealand. Over 70,000 people participate in the run along Auckland's gorgeous waterfront each year. This year a group of us have officially entered a "Team Vegan". We want to be as big and impressive as possible, lets help break vegan stereotypes and show people what an energetic fun lot we are!

    We already have close to 30 vegans signed up... and over a month to go before the run, maybe we can make 50!! Maybe we can with you with us

    National animal rights group, SAFE is sponsoring an end of run vegan BBQ for all Team Vegan participants. And we are having Team Vegan sports team tops made up so we look like a proper sports club. Imagine standing on the start line with a group of 30 vegan runners in club gear, its going to be great. This run is for people of all fitness levels - you can walk r run. One of our members is even a personal trainer and has offered help with personalised training schedules and advice so you have no excuses!

    Email Deidre at: for more information about joining Team Vegan for the run and details about registration costs etc.

    Note: if you cannot make this particular run, please still get in touch with us, Team Vegan will be an ongoing initiative, we should have a website up shortly, showing club uniforms etc.

    Go Team Vegan!!!

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    Default Re: Join Team Vegan for Round the Bays (Ak, NZ)

    Hey, this sounds cool! It could be a great opportunity for me to get some advice on vegan running shoes too... I will email anyway...

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