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Thread: Possibly visiting Maine, any vegan places?

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    Default Possibly visiting Maine, any vegan places?

    Hello. I'm possibly visiting Maine this summer to go to Machias Seal Island to see Puffins, Razorbills and other great birds/mammals. I will likely be staying at the Machias Motor Inn or near there. Does anyone from Maine know if there are any vegan-friendly restaurants or supermarkets nearby? I feel like I'll be starving in a largely fishing community! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! BC

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    I've been living in Maine for 7 years and sad to say it is virtually a vegan wasteland. However, there are some recent bright spots. I confess I'm not familiar w/ Machias but the things I mention you may be passing by.

    Just today I went to a newly opened vegetarian restaurant in Portland. It would be vegan except for 2 menu items that have an egg
    check them out at Also on the same street is Little Lad's Bakery which has a full buffet plus stuff you can order off menu. It is completely vegan. Both of those places are on Congress St. There is also a Whole Foods in Portland that usually has several vegan selections at the hot/cold food bars. Pepperclub in Portland isn't veg but they do know what a vegan is and have several menu items (including desserts) that are vegan. Granny's Burritos, again in Portland always has 2 daily special burritos that are vegan. Other than Portland all I can recommend are Hannaford Supermarkets (some are better than others) and their Nature's Place natural food sections, which in some stores are pretty impressive. Oh, I heard that there is a vegan/vegetarian? restaurant in Bar Harbor. I've never been there though

    Sorry I can't be more help. Maybe you'll find some veg gems when you're in Maine. If so, let me know! Best tip I can offer is...if you go to the Green Elephant, get the spring rolls. I had 3 today and they are amazing!!!

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