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Thread: soya, gluten, wheat vegan food. Any good ideas?

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    Default soya, gluten, wheat vegan food. Any good ideas?

    I need some help with some foods I can stock in my vegan shop that are

    Gluten free
    Wheat free
    Soya free .

    I already know the Orgran range are good and the Meridian, but just wanting to know of any other products . I've had tonnes of people coming in saying they/some1 they know are not allowed dairy,wheat, soya or gluten .

    Obvioulsy anything I stock for them that are free from gluten,wheat and soya must also be vegan .

    Do you have any ideas of any good products I could stock?
    Thank you in advance for any hints and tips .

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    Default Re: soya, gluten, wheat vegan food. Any good ideas?

    this company stocks some products you might be looking for:

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