Recently, I was thinking about raw veganism, and I realised that by being a raw vegan, you are forced to also give up all grains as well. A raw vegan had also said something about how people who are only partway raw (but still a very high percent) generally eat cooked grains and end up starving themselves with minimal fruit and then gorging on cooked grains.

This sort of put me in mind of the Atkins diet, which, if you didn't know, limits grains and other carbs. (Please hold your hatred for even mentioning the name Atkins. ;P) I've heard plenty of people say how great they felt after starting it. While it's clearly not healthy, people still report quite a few things similar to what raw vegans report.

Conclusion: Grains may be the culprit here. It wouldn't be the carbs, as raw vegans usually get MASSIVE amounts of carbs, but no grains.

What do you all think about this? It's not based on very much, it's just two little observations, but I though it was interesting.