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    Not the most ethical of companies but I did notice their own brand ranges the new ones say suitable for vegetarians/vegans on a lot of ranges, they are bringing it in gradually the manager told me.

    I spotted face wipes and few other items. He says they dont test on but Its always been a grey area with suppliers, they are changing a lot of their suppliers and a lot of the new brands will be suitable for vegans and will have it on the packets.

    They also has some shampoo and conditioner at 99p said vegan and cruelty free on.

    Lots of chemicals in the ranges but they are cheap.

    I will keep an eye on things as like co op some of the basic products can be ok if on a budget.

    On their website they say:

    We and our own brand manufacturers do not commission animal testing on any Superdrug own brand products or ingredients. Our own brand cosmetics, toiletry and household ranges have not been tested on animals by us or by our own brand manufacturers.
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    Thats good to know, thanks for posting Alison
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    So far this labelling is on most of the skincare ranges, new bath and shower products, hair dye (although the packaging just says vegetarian, it is possible to identify the non-vegan culprit as the tube of conditioner rather than the dye itself -ymmv about buying the pack and giving away or binning that bit), toothpaste and sexual lubricant. (try not to mix those last two up, ow!) Although I did go in a few weeks ago feeling all loved-up about S'drug because of all the cool stuff I'd been getting there, only to find that a promising-looking new shampoo had cashmere extract of all things in. Also, I really wish they'd start labelling their shaving foam, as boy currently has trouble finding a good one anywhere other than the Co-op.

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