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Thread: Very Simple Vegan Cookbook?

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    Hello, I'm relatively new here and to veganism (about a month). So far I get my food from the college cafeteria (which fortunately has a wide variety of vegan options most of the time), and there's some cafes and restaurants around that are vegan-friendly.

    However, I am autistic and for me personally, I have difficulty with preparing food and cooking and following written instructions. Many of the "easy college student recipes" are too hard for me, and I need instructions broken down a lot, like these (unfortunately, the examples are definitely NOT vegan ):

    This is like how I have a set of instructions that are specific broken down for my laundry, which is another thing I have a lot of difficulty with, because these are very complex tasks.

    Some have mentioned in other threads that lots of recipes are easy to veganise, and I'd see how I could do that for something where it's pretty clear (like cow milk -> rice milk), but sometimes it seems less obvious how to alter it and make the recipe work. So unless it's a very immediately obvious direct substitution, then for me it wouldn't be easy to veganise. So maybe the recipes referred to as easy to veganise are precisely this way?

    I'm a bit confused, and a bit uneasy with cooking in general (only somewhat competent with microwave cooking, which I try to avoid when possible).

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    QM - do you find it easier to follow by watching someone rather than reading instructions? There are some good vegan cooks on You Tube. You could watch the person making the recipes.

    Here's some examples:

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    Thanks for the links - I'll check them out on Thanksgiving when a lot of people are out of the dorms and the Internet connection will likely be faster. (Right now, with so many people, it would take a whole night of having the computer on for a youtube to load, no exaggeration.)

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    Hello QM,
    If you are into podcasts there is a podcast called Delicious TV Veg. Granted I have only seen about 4 episodes but the recipes are simple and they show you step by step what to do.

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