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    I just read about a very interesting text (but quite old) a swedish journalist, Staffan Heimersson, wrote about a boy brought up by a group of baboons in Burundi.
    He visited the child, aged between 7 and 9, in the early 70s, at a orphanage run by nuns in Africa. The child had been found some years earlier (at the year of 4, approx), and he of course couldn't speak. When the journalist visited him at the orphanage, there were some interesting observations he made about the boy: the nuns said that he had just learnt to drink water (before he just didnt know, or didn't want to drink water: he would get all his liquid by eating fruits), but the most interesting was: he would never eat meat! Not even taste it. the nuns thought this was peculiar, all the other kids ate meat. Another thing: he was the only kid not wanting any of the sweets offered.

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    That's really interesting. I love stuff like that. It gives you perspective. I love comparing humankind to the animal world. We pale horribly in comparison.

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