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Thread: "All inclusive" holiday buffets?

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    Question "All inclusive" holiday buffets?


    Does anyone know much about being vegan at an all inclusive hotel buffet? It has been years since I've been on a holiday like that and I wasn't a vegan then.... but I seem to remember a lot of salad items, fresh fruit and chips, so I wouldn't starve I think. I don't really mind having simple food whilst on holiday, but I was wondering if anyone here has had any particularly good experiences at any all inclusive resorts? E.g. either good labelling on dishes (rare!) or staff who are willing to make a special effort, or at least give accurate advice, for vegan guests.

    The people I'm going with are flexible about location, but we're doing this on a relatively small budget. I've heard good things about Jamaica but the prices are sky high!

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    Just let the hotel/resort know before hand, they may be able to sort something out. I did that in Egypt and had the head chef cooking me my own meals every evening

    Failing that, as you say - there's usually loads of salad, fruit, etc, etc on offer! Goodluck and enjoy.
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    Default Re: "All inclusive" holiday buffets?

    I've just looked this post up as I have the same question. We fancied the look of a hotel in Cyprus through portland holidays, which seems reasonable, gets good reviews etc. But as we know, this isn't always enough for vegans! (esp with kids! although mine's veggie which is slightly easier although he doesn't like cheese or eggs so is in fact mostly vegan).

    I e-mailed the hotel explaining that I was a vegan and wanting to make sure I could be catered for. After asking me to explain fully what 'category of vegetarian' I am (which I'd rather they do actually than assume!) and what exactly I do and don't eat, they said it would be perfectly fine to cater for me on the diet I have, in fact I quote:

    'I would like to assure you that it is no problem to prepare for you the mentioned products.
    I only kindly ask you to conduct me one week prior your arrival in order to avoid ant misunderstandings'

    This is for next year though so no feedback I'm afraid but must say I am pleased wiith their response so far. Still searching though as not set on any destination, just somewhere where we can all eat well enough and have nice surroundings on a budget!

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    I'm supposed to be going to one of those in Turkey in August. From what I remember from my experiences of those places from my pre-veg days is that there's always loads of great fresh fruit and veg at all meals so I won't completely starve. I'm going to email someone at the resort closer to the day to ask to have some soy milk for breakfast, though. Even if it'll only be cereal and fruit&veg every day, that's good, because I'll manage not to gain weight, like all of my non-veggie friends going with me will obviously do
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