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Thread: Vegan Bed & Breakfast in Southport

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    Does anyone know of a Bed and Breakfast in Southport, Lancashire that will do a Vegan breakfast? The internet site for Southport isn't very helpful at all.
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    If no-one has a better suggestion you could try searching on "Southport 'bed and breakfast' 'special diets'" - a few come up that say they do special diets by arrangement, such as this one:

    I guess we count as a "special diet"!

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    I used to live in Southport, albeit 15 years ago, and don't remember it being a very vegany place. Have a look at, they seem like they might be helpful if you call.
    My favourite place to eat used to be After Dark in nearby Birkdale; a regular cantonese restaurant that did a vegan option. No idea if it's still there. Liverpool and Manchester have loads more options to eat out. Good luck

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    Thanks for your help. Both those places look good. I'm drawn to the Royal Clifton Hotel at the moment. They have a special offer and mention special diets too. The location looks really good with a sea view. I don't think I've ever seen the sea when I've been to Southport. Last time I was there we walked to the Isle of Man.
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    I tend to find smaller places are better for this. We stayed in Filey last year in a tiny little b and b and she was lovely - bought us tofu sausages and everything.

    A phone call and a (detailed!) explanation of what is and isn't vegan is usually plenty.

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