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Thread: Ultra-healthy Pies?

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    Default Ultra-healthy Pies?

    Hey all,
    I have been undergoing a major effort to clean up my food intake, and I have been having the most trouble with my sweet tooth. To help with cravings (pie) I am trying to find healthy pie recipes.

    Here is the trick: I'm not necessarily looking for a raw recipe, but I am looking for a recipe with no added sugar and no added oil. Sounds impossible? I know the oil can be replaced with apple sauce, and for sugar it just seems like finding a sweet enough fruit will do the trick.

    So I know this is random, but does anyone know anything about making fat-free sugar-free pies? (yes I know how it sounds)

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    Default Re: Ultra-healthy Pies?

    I totally get you!
    Here is one recipe I found delicious, nutricious and guilt free .
    I used Hokkaido squash and didn't add any sugar(this recipe has it, but it is fat free) because the squash is quite sweet and I also used kamut flour and some coconut flour.
    Hope it helps!

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