Well, Portland is my second home, and it was, before I became a Vegan, and even before I became a Vegetarian. It's where my wife is from, and I'll be moving there myself later this year.

So imagine my surprise upon learning just how Vegan-friendly Portland is

My last trip there, we chanced upon an incredible Vegan bar that serves food also, called The Bye and Bye, it's on Alberta.

Guys, if you ever go to Portland you simply HAVE to check this place out.

They make a sandwich with Tofu, Daiya cheese, Sriracha hot sauce, jalapenos called the Weeping Tiger, and it might just be the single greatest thing I've ever eaten. The thought of it makes me literally drool, and when I visit Portland again in a few weeks, going there and getting one of these sandwiches is literally one of the first things I'm gonna do

The Vegan Mini-Mall is incredible too - a great vegan grocery store called Food Fight next to the Sweetpea Baking place which is fully vegan also.