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Thread: Advice to a 16 year old 'you'?

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    Default Re: Advice to a 16 year old 'you'?

    I'm not so far removed from sixteen, but here it goes:
    -Don't spend so much time worrying
    -Your Tourette Syndrome won't stop you from doing anything you are willing to work for.
    -I turned out okay anyway, so just trust yourself to learn from anything bad that happens. Even if you do it to yourself.
    -Your dad doesn't hate you. He just doesn't see how his behavior affects you.

    And I kind of need to give some advice to the current me (so I'll remove my current self from my current self for a minute):
    -You aren't cut out for a theatre major, but you do want a theatre career. Just make it work. Learn Bio, practice theatre.
    - Go to the gym
    - Write your grandmother more letters.
    -Your dad doesn't hate you. He just doesn't see how his behavior affects you.
    -You have a good man by your side. Don't see his flexibility as weakness. You are both growing independently and it's only making your relationship stronger! How is that possibly bad?

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    Default Re: Advice to a 16 year old 'you'?

    1) What do you mean you've just given up on vegetarianism because you were drunk and wanted chicken nuggets? GO VEGAN!
    2) Stop bunking off and study you nit wit
    3) Make time for, and cherish the people you love, they won't be around when you are 21 and writing this post (your first post on this vegan site, I will add)
    4) Stop being a b*tch to your boyfriend, you will realise how much he means to you in a couple of years (luckily it's not too late, so fear not)
    5) I mean it about studying. Get out of bed.

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    Default Re: Advice to a 16 year old 'you'?

    10 Things I would tell a 16 year old me!

    1: Do not dwell on thoughts that do not exist
    2: Stop over medicating and look more into diet
    3: Focus on school and yourself, don't worry about relationships
    4: Don't worry about not being part of any "social group" in school
    5: Don't do drugs...not even weed, period!
    6: Your not a drinker but don't ever start, in the future you will know you never will!
    7: Don't pick a certain thing you want to do in life because what could be new news today, but old news tomorrow!
    8: Be more active
    9: Don't dwell on the past and don't live in the future, stay in the present
    10: Don't ever let others crush your spirit

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