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Thread: Alpro Almond/Hazelnut Drink

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    Default Alpro Almond/Hazelnut Drink

    Hey, just discovered in my Tesco - they now sell Alpro Almond and Hazelnut Milk (Drink). Only thing is that it contains sugar, not sure what the almond milk from health stores is like, or if it contains sugar. But it's only £1.49 which is a lot cheaper and it tastes really nice in coffee - Just to let you know!

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    Great! I want to try them. I was on the ocado website today and they have them both for £1.00 but only the hazlenut in stock. I would expect that means they are also on special offer in Waitrose too.

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    Default Re: Alpro Almond/Hazelnut Drink

    Sainsburys have the hazelnut and almond 2 for £2 at the moment. I also noticed that it seems to have sugar as the second ingredient which is a bit worrying.

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