Hey vagans, how are you all doing? this Sarah and this my first post in this forum which I find useful, intersted I am here to talk a little bit about myself. Okay, I am a freelance programmer and web developer.

Two year ago I travelled to Morocco and had the trip of a lifetime. The food, the music, the people, the landscapes, the fresh air, the sights and sounds and the lifestyle have inspired me to return; so I said this is it, this is the change I need; I packed my bags and took the first flight to Morocco.

I settled down in small town southern morocco called Massa which I fall in love with; it’s such a great place, so peaceful and pure. The beach is about four miles away and a wonderful river runs through it. Then I choosed to create my own website to share new tastes, vegeterian recipes and my adventures in Morocco, I hope you like it; Click here

Things took a much different turn from there. I arrived with no apartment, no friends, no communication abilities… But things have a way of working themselves out. I easily found nice vegetarian guy who understands English, he was a great help for me. He helped me find a small apartment for a cheap price compared to Ca. Fortunately there was internet connection so I continued my job as a freelancer. And now here I am, since becoming vegetarian I have a much greater appreciation for nutrition, healthy food, life, earth, animals, and plants. My skin cleared up, my stomach and my whole body feels so much better. I feel so happy. Going Vegan is like a breath of fresh air and life just makes sense! In one word I feel FANTASTIC .
This my blog www.vegetarianstories.com so be in touch, I want to hear you point of view about my story