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Thread: Veganism and picky-eating

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    Unhappy Veganism and picky-eating

    Hello everybody. Please forgive me if this thread isn't in the right category, since I'm fairly new to this forum...

    Basically, I've been a vegetarian for about half a year now. I have no regrets, and would just really like to go vegan! I love animals, and I'm also wary about my health... However, there is a major problem. I'm a very picky-eater and have been all of my life. There is only a handful of foods that I'll eat, and it's very depressing!

    Corn in a can or on a cob.
    Baked or mashed potatoes.
    Raw or Cooked broccoli.
    Mandarin oranges.
    Pecans, peanuts, almonds, and other nuts.
    Wholewheat pasta with marinara sauce.
    Wholewheat pasta with vegetable broth.
    Wholewheat, wholewheat, wholewheat.

    THAT is a list of pretty much the only things that I'll eat that are a bit healthy and vegan. I only really drink water, and x'd out milk, eggs, and fish whenever I first started being a vegetarian. The only thing I haven't given up yet is cheese, because I have no idea what else to eat... I've tried alternative (soy) meat products, and thought they were completely gross. They reminded me too much of the real thing, so I gave up on those. So I'm not sure how much I will favor vegan cheese. I've heard of making cheese substitutes using nuts, and I have yet to try it.

    I just want to be healthy AND vegan! Of course, I could just eat junk-food all of the time as a vegan, but I don't want to do that. It's really hard, because I can't even stand salad. Also, anytime I get excited about trying something new, somebody in my family will blow it off by saying: "Oh, you won't like that."

    Geeze! What am I to do?

    I would just really appreciate any advice, and especially some vegan recipes that you think I should try! I also need help expanding the list of veggies and fruit that I'll eat. It's hard for me to eat most things, because the texture is just bothersome, but I do love spicy foods. In fact, I put season-all on my pasta to make it taste hotter. BUT... I really need to find a better seasoning, because that's just too much sodium!

    I have also noticed that I've taken a liking to my grandmother's sweet potato and beat chips. Also, her banana chips (which is quite funny because I can't stand regularly bananas. They're too slimy!)...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi FB, welcome to the forum!

    I used to be a very fussy eater before I went vegan so I know exactly what it's like!

    But I have gotten over it by opening my mind to new foods. Looking back I did exactly what they advise you do with children, keep trying different foods in different ways until you find a way you like. This way you are exposed to unfamiliar tastes amd textures and through trying a food a few times getting to like it.

    I think that fussy eating can also tied up with other issues such as control or anxiety, or childhood associations.

    I am not trying to berate you in any way, I am trying to offer support by letting you know that it is possible to re-train your tastebuds.

    Obviously everybody has things that they just don't like and that is allowed but fussy eating is different.
    Houmous atŠ ann!

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    Default Re: Veganism and picky-eating... I need help!

    Hi, another way to extend your repertoire could be to "hide" a food you're not sure about in one you like, e.g. add shredded cabbage or leeks to mashed potato, or mix some beans with your pasta. Of course you know the new food is there but I have heard people say that helps them get used to it.

    Your list doesn't actually look too bad, there is a lot of good stuff on it and you don't, of course, need to eat fake meat or fake cheese when you're vegan. I would think more legumes and green veg would be good additions though. For a spicy seasoning, have you tried dried chilli flakes which don't have salt added as far as I know?

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    Default Re: Veganism and picky-eating... I need help!

    Hi Foolborn,

    It sounds like you're not helped by the fact that people say "ooh, you won't like it", bless them, they probably mean well (trying to acknowledge your natural tendency to be more particular about your food), but in essence they're just reinforcing the idea that you CAN'T adjust. The truth is, you can.

    I had quite serious issues as a child with food, and still even now, I blend my pasta sauces to make them smooth, with "no bits"! LOL...

    But! Even though I'm not exactly happy to try everything new, I do eat a lot more foods that I would have sworn I hated before! It's part of the running joke in my family and one reason I chose my nickname on here, that I used to be adamant that I HATED peas (even though I'd never tried one), but now they're actually one of my FAVES!

    As for fake meats, of course you don't need to have them if you don't want, but if you really like cheese, a good one to try is one made mainly with cashew nut butter, instead of soy. I personally absolutely HATE soy cheese (ick!), but I love the one made by vegusto (not sure if they send it to where you are, but they're online so it's worth checking them out.

    There are some good non-soy (and non-nuts too if that's an issue) ones in USA, I think, like Daiya.

    Check them out, and enjoy the process of the taste testing.

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    Default Re: Veganism and picky-eating... I need help!

    Thank you for the tips so far, everybody! I'll try your suggestions as soon as possible.

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    Default Re: Veganism and picky-eating... I need help!

    Hi Foolborn,

    You've received some good advice so far. I just wanted to say your list already looks healthy to me. Your body will start telling you what it needs short after you start eating healthy (and I don't mean going vegetarian/vegan as many vegetarians and vegans eat unhealthy).

    Our idea of what is food is shaped by the society we live in. That idea is probably not worthwhile (take a look at obesity, heart diseases, and cancer rate in your society to see why).

    I don't think you need to worry about your health if you eat reasonable amounts of fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts-that are already in your list. I've been eating similar food (more variety) for over 6 years and never felt better and healthier in my life than I do today. Iím happy you said you drink water-itís the best drink in the world. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

    To your health

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