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Thread: Fruitarian - how much does it cost per day?

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    Default Fruitarian - how much does it cost per day?

    How much does a fruitarian diet cost each day? I'm planning to become a fruitarian.

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    Default Re: Fruitarian - how much does it cost per day?

    It will depend on a few factors really, the price of fruit generally in Sweden, is it quite expensive or relatively cheap? Another factor is whether you want to go organic or not, or a bit of a mix, organic being more expensive. It will also depend on what you decide to eat as your staple fruit, if you choose something simple and cheap, like bananas, then you will spend less than if you choose mangos or an exotic fruit. If you chose something that isn't as calorie dense as another fruit then you will need to eat more, for example melon isn't as calorie dense as dates, you would have to eat a lot more melon than dates to ensure sufficient calories for a healthy diet. Eating locally grown seasonal fruit is usually cheaper than eating imported fruit too, and there is always foraging for berries, if you know your fruits from your poisonous berries, which is free!

    Also, don't forget, cucumbers, bell peppers, squashes, tomatoes, courgettes and a few more things that a lot of people think are vegetables are actually fruits, courgettes for example are great for bulking up salad greens.
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    Default Re: Fruitarian - how much does it cost per day?

    I'm not actualy sure exactly which foods are fruitarian and which are not.

    From memory the definition is anything that does not require the killing/destruction of a plant in order to harvest it.

    M'impression from that was that it is only the exclusion of leafy greens and root veg that separates fruitarian food from vegan food.

    On that basis I wouldn't imagine the cost of being fruitarian to be significantly different to the cost of being vegan.
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