I go to a gym occasionally, usually preferring to run outdoors. But recently I decided I wanted to put more muscle on so I booked a course of personal trainer sessions.

I have had two so far, and also been to the gym once and done a weight training session on my own. I've also been doing chin ups at home and done a few of my usual runs.

My appetite has shot through the roof!I'll be full, then an hour later will be sniffing around for food again. It isn't like, insatiable,empty stomach hunger, just really feeling I need to eat something, and once I start It's obvious I'm hungry. I have IBS and usually if I overeat I get sick. But this isn't happening, my body is functioning fine. Yesterday for example I had a large late lunch, and after getting home a few hours later I was hungry enough to want another, full meal.

I'm scared I'm going to get more fat, instead of muscle, if this carries on! Plus I'll have to adjust my routine for it.

Is this normal?It isn't as if I've done a lot, or even done enough for my muscle tone to change, yet!

I guess it could also be a coincidence or just part of the issue, the other part being monthly cycle or generic hormone changes or something.