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    Perhaps you have a shopping story to share?

    We make our own bread, adding various seeds and some wheatgerm to the flour for extra goodness and taste. On a recent shopping expedition to the well-known emporium of all things vegan situated in Chorlton, Manchester, I asked if they had some wheatgerm. From behind his icy glare the sales person (the tall, extremely thin man) said that they didn't sell wheatgerm as it wasn't a whole food. I politely replied that they sell unbleached white flour that has its wheatgerm removed in the process of transforming it from wholemeal flour. His icy glare deepened and he walked away. I just smiled to myself, paid for the other items in my trolley and purchased the wheatgerm elsewhere. Perhaps I should have abandoned the trolley where it was and left the store? From a purely practical perspective it would have been a waste of a journey if I hadn't purchased the other items, some of which aren't readily available where I live. Perhaps I should ask everyone I know who visits this store to look for this particular sales person and ask him for wheatgerm?

    All part of life's colourful tapestry, eh!

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    Hmmm..... well done for giving as 'good' as you got!!! Yes, I think all people in Manchester should go in and ask for wheatgerm.... ha ha

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    I was once in Tesco stood in one of the isles. I had my animal free shopper out looking at ingredients of a products and a woman who was also shopping came up to me and tapped me on the should and said in her best English "Do you need any help there". I just looked at her puzzled and said "No tar". She looked at me astonished and walked off. It's not while I got home that i realised she must have thought I was reading a translation book- She must have thought I couldn't speak English- I laughed my ass off all night!!!

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