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Thread: Bombay exiles its meat eaters

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    Default Bombay exiles its meat eaters

    Bombay exiles its meat eaters

    Amrit Dhillon, Bombay

    RICH vegetarians in Bombay are turning sections of their city into meat-free zones ó to the indignation of meat eaters barred from living there. Housing complexes and whole neighbourhoods in Indiaís most cosmopolitan city are going vegetarian. Even on Malabar Hill, where foreigners and Indian millionaires live in mansions, some shops owners refuse to stock meat products.

    Bollywood stars also risk being drawn into the row. Mahima Choudhury, the actress who is such a staunch vegetarian she has done free promotions for the campaigning group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is appalled at the idea of banning meat eaters from flats.
    ďI think people should live in harmony whatever their beliefs,Ē she said last week. ďI donít agree with meat eaters being kept out of apartment blocks because vegetarians donít want the smell of meat. You canít impose your views on other people.Ē
    Leading the stealthy enforcement of the meat fatwa are businessmen ó diamond merchants, traders, industrialists and clothing exporters. Many are from Gujarat, where vegetarianism is common, or are Jains, vegans who do not even eat root vegetables such as onions, garlic and potatoes.
    For a long stretch of Marine Drive ó Bombayís Champs Elysťes ó there are no restaurants serving meat, fish or eggs. Even Pizza Hut has gone vegetarian. This is not enough for the more radical vegetarians, however, who insist on the right to live among their kind.
    Two years ago Jati Chedda, 32, moved into Ramkrupa Flats in south Bombay with her husband and was relieved to find the occupants of the 120 flats were all vegetarians.
    More here.

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    Default Re: Bombay exiles its meat eaters

    In my city also, people who are meat eaters usually have their own residential area/zone. In my apartment where 6 families are there,all of them are Veggies. And name of apartment is "Living Paradise" .

    Also, it is not so easy to sell meat in the open area.

    Manish Jain

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    Default Re: Bombay exiles its meat eaters

    Sounds like paradise

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    Default Re: Bombay exiles its meat eaters

    meat being outlawed = awesome!

    rich people having all the control = not good...
    I eat nutritional yeast by the spoonful.

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    Default Re: Bombay exiles its meat eaters

    as much as I hate the consumption of meat, i dislike this alot. Its discrimination, and its unfair. Stopping making meat availible is one thing, removing people from theirs homes is quite different.
    "You'd better take care of me lord, otherwise you're gonna have me on your hands" - Hunter S. Thompson

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    Default Re: Bombay exiles its meat eaters

    Quote thecatspajamas1
    meat being outlawed = awesome!

    rich people having all the control = not good...

    Rich VEGAN people having all the control = bwahahahahaha!!!!

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    Default Re: Bombay meat eaters

    Okay, before my daughter I would have CHOSEN to live at a mixed apartment and lead-by-example blah blah blah. But now I really don't want the SMELL of charred flesh to become a normal childhood memory. Ya, she gets along with other kids at nursery who have pigs and chickens on their plates; sadly though, the kitchen smells waft through the classroom. Is it too much to ask to be free of the stench in my own home?
    the only animal ingredient in my food is cat hair

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