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Thread: Encouagement for my Child

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    I am new to veganism. I just started in Dec 05. I went from the "great" american diet straight to veganism. I am not finding it too difficult because I just decided it was what I was going to do.

    When I made the decision to change I educated my son on the lives of the poor animals and other aspects of veganism and he wanted to join me.

    He has been doing really well. I am still trying to get the hang of cooking vegan meals so he has some issues with that but overall he is doing well.

    I have a few problems. First my husband is still a meat eater. He does support our choice to go vegan but doesn't really respect it. He will offer our son items that he knows he can't eat (like sample fish sticks at the market the other day). My second problem is my sons determination. I am afraid he will give up on the whole idea or give into his dad in secrecy. I continue to educate him in the hope that he will not give in.

    Basically I was wondering if there are people out there with the same issue. What did you do?

    I also thought it might be good if my son could talk to other kids his age who are vegans so he could find encouragement. Does anyone have children in the age range of 10 that could be a pen pal for my son?


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    I have a 18 month old and my parents sneak her things like Cheese. They say it is Vital for her health... My parents are divorced so I cant get them together and have a nice little chat. My mother respects my wishes now but my father was raised on a farm so its "unatural" to him. I know how it can be but you just have to remind your son and his father EVERYDAY if you think you need to about why you made this choice. Give them the health facts. Peta and the Humane Society can send you info on the Health risks of meat and dairy products. Tell your son and his father that you not only want to save animals but you want your son to be healthy so he can live a long and fufilling life. Every parent wants their children to be healthy, I am sure he can appreciate that. When I first made the choice to go vegan I had to remind everyone around me and sometimes myself why being Vegan was so important. Its going to be hard especially with a child that age just switching over. Temptation is strong in these situations. Talk to his teachers and the parents of his friends and let them know how you feel and ask them if they will try to avoid giving him any Non - Vegan products. I am sorry you have to go through this. I am lucky in the fact that my daughter cant really understand what is going on and I will be able to raise her as a Vegan as opposed to all of a sudden her switching. Good Luck!
    Chelsea Thur, Indiana Representative, March to End Animal Cruelty,

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    Hi Girbey,

    I completely know what your going through, This is all quite new to me too, and people know matter how much you talk and explained the benefits, they either don’t listen, don’t understand or perhaps are too stuck in to their beliefs and cant be bothered- nothing will shift them. My son is 5, so a bit younger than your son; I have not one family member that supports me in this decision. If I were you, I would allow him to fall back (if his father pushes that hard) because when he makes the right decision, on his own he will feel proud, and since you have given him the information he now can make an informed decision (lets hope it’s the right one!) Remember, knowledge is power!- Use it!
    Ps: remind your husband the last time you support his decision-then ask for the same respect.

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    In the UK we have "Vegan Buddies" online, I don't know if there is a simular one for the US.
    My eldest daughter is 8 and has been rasied as a vegan but is still unsure about whether she wants to eat egg and dairy. I'm sure she would be happy to exchange emails with your son if you are still looking for someone. PM me if you want to do this.
    Also have a look at "Spiderman" on the Vegan Buddies website. He is 9 year old vegan and has lots of good arguments about why being vegan is so good!

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    I asked my 11 year old son if he would like a penpal but he said its not his thing. He's happy to be contacted at Vampire Freaks though, this is his page

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