This is a forum for vegans. Most of us have a lot of contact with non-vegans in our real lives, and a main purpose of this site is to offer a community where vegans can communicate with each other.

The exception is the "Not A Vegan Yet? New vegan?" area. This is a moderated area for all members except those who have been active here for a very long time.

Two important things:
•When one is logged in, normal (vegan) members won't see the "Vegan/non-vegan discussion" subforum unless they have joined the Permission Group with the same name (see Settings). In other words, registered and logged in members won't have to participate or even see any threads containing arguments pro using animal products etc.
• The only section they should see are the usual subforums, the subforums visible if they join various Permission Groups, and the Question/Answer part of "Not A Vegan Yet? New vegan?".

In the "Vegan/non-vegan discussion" subforum section, non-vegans - even those who have no plans to go vegan - can discuss with vegans. As always, we reserve the right to moderate posts and accounts without any warning.

Here's a main thing to remember for regular members participating in these discussions: No personal attacks, don't be rude, and remember that we almost all were using animal products at some point.


Here's some important info for non-vegans who want to use the"Vegan/non-vegan discussion" subforum:

1) Read our board rules.
2) Stay on topic. If you have many questions you want to discuss, please start one thread for each topic.
3) Before you do that, search for existing threads - eg. in the "What Meat Eaters Say" subforum, in the Human Evolution subforum, in the Health subforum and so on.
4) Having a "Vegan/non-vegan discussion" subforum is still an experiment, and we may remove the whole section. One reason to do that would be if non-vegans log in and posts the same stuff over and over again, in many threads, have a very high posting rate, avoid responding to questions or generally seem to be here only to justify their use of animal products.
5) Discussion is OK, propaganda for using animal products is not.
6) Your posts will be moderated, and you'll have no access to Private Messages.
7) Please spend a minute trying to find out if you really want an in-depth discussion with vegans about the topics you bring up, or if you're just looking for a discussion for the same of a discussion/some mental stimuli.
8) Non-vegans who disagree in vegan viewpoints won't be able to participate in other threads than threads discussing arguments pro/con a vegan lifestyle, because this is a forum for vegan. The exception is only the questions/answers area and discussions about why they choose to use animal products.
9) Please try to go further than just saying "I see nothing wrong with killing animals" - because if that's your viewpoint and you aren't open to reevaluate how you look at directly or indirectly are abusing animals, a discussion about these topics will only mean wasting time for all included.
10) Please keep in mind that vegans don't think meat eating, hunting or slaughtering of animals are "interesting" or fascinating topics. We have made up our minds already, and feel that killing or harming living beings for food and other purposes is unneeded, often very cruel, and not something we have the right to do.


Report posts using the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page or the Report button if needed; do not post messages to the forum administration in threads.